Wind Residences - Towers

General Information

Property Size
: 15.45 hectare
Number of Buildings : 5
Number of Storeys : 20


The presence of hotels and restaurants is a great factor that makes location of Wind Residences. All the hotels and restaurants opened on a twenty-four-hour schedule. The available hotels provide the residents with great services especially to the individual who do not love cooking or those people who are so tired from a tiring long day of work and have less strength to do their cooking. The hotels cook all types of food, both national and international foods.  
The amenities in the residences all have a five-star rate. The facilities offer the residents with quality fun and are of good quality for they are monitored well. The amenities give the inhabitants a feeling of vacation on all the normal days. Take this opportunity and grab a condo unit at the Wind Residences to enjoy the five-star rated amenities steps away from your home.

The property management services contribute much to the success of the Wind Residences. The management team works hard on ensuring the requirements and comfort of the people are delivered. The management services include well-monitored security, meeting the needs of the guests and maintenance services.

Wind Residences is at a prime location because it is easy to get to the business institutions, hospitals, and schools in the area. There are easily accessible private and public transportation means that take the individuals to their desired destination. The families with children should have no worries on where their children can school in because there are many schools in the area near the residence. The school institutions have quality education for the children. The hospitals in the area are managed well and take good care of all their patients.

Living at Wind Residences bring people from different culture together. The individuals will socialize in different ways. With no socialization, children have less opportunity of developing their future skills. Children who do not socialize take longer or may not walk, read, talk, utilize the bathroom. The kids who do not socialize develop both mental and physical problems in future. Not only the kids gain from socialization but also the adults, teenagers, and the old people. From socialization, we establish long time and strong relationship with others. Living at the Wind Residences play a great part in socialization.

All the five-star amenities you want are all at the Wind Residences. The amenities are accessed a few meters away from your home. All the amenities at the premises are highly rated. Purchase a condo unit at the Wind Residences to upgrade your lifestyle by enjoying the top-rated amenities.